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ok since I went on in my last post about 60s brunettes. I'm going to go on about some modern brunettes. I have to confess my love for Parker Posey. I mean I named my dog after her. Which is probably an insult but she'll never know. Unless I do meet her one day and it would be the first stupid thing muttered from my stupid mouth "ilOvEYouSOMuChINamEdMyDOGafTErYOU!". Which I'm sure would follow with me smacking my head and saying "Stupid stupid stupid" like Chris Farley.

Then there is Keira Knightley hot very wild. This has the combo appeal 1. She is a brunette 2. She appeals to my id. The part of my that wants to pick up a stripper and go across the country with a gun in the glove box and $2000 in my wallet with the jealous boyfriend chasing us or something more like True Romance, lots of cocaine, guns and dread locked Gary Oldman. My Super Ego has it's work cut out for it.

Am is a brunette thats something I love. . . I don't know why can't I think of any other super hot modern brunettes besides those 3?

Parker Posey as Fay Grim

*edit* forgot about Kate Beckinsale. That is one hot picture. oh and this one too!

Well if I had to name the chicks I thought were hottest I would give:

Rachael Leigh Cook
Bridget Moyanhan
Ashley Judd

As it happens they are all brunettes. ;)
The Vulcan - 01|26|07 - 07:03




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