11|30|06 + 61 - 39 Poor poor Am

So Amanda was up all night throwing up. She is so sick it's scary not sure yet if it's the flu or something she ate. I ate the same dinner as her and I'm not sick but maybe it was the meal before that got her. I took the day off work to take care of Jude for her. I feel really bad for her and I feel guilty for taking a Thursday off from work (they a notoriously busy). I can't remember the last time Amanda was sick it's been awhile.

On another note I decided to make amends with my neighbor across the street. It's been going on for 3 years he just hated me from day one. He threw the first stone by calling the police for my car being parked in the street overnight. He told them it was abandoned. I got a nice orange sticker for that. We have gone back and forth with petty shit since then. Anyways a large branch fell in his yard. I was out smoking and saw him trying to move it (He is very old and his health is starting to fail over the last year). So I sucked up my pride and walked across the street and moved it for him. He was very nice about it but I know he was probably thinking "there can only be one" and was about to try to get my quickening :) Oh well I'm moving very soon and I figure my last insult can be kindness ;)




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