11|19|06 + 54 - 43 Sleepless

What a stupid week (Stupid cause I never sleep) but a fun week. On top of all the other stuff I do like work. I went to Luna on Wednesday night and Thursday night. Then I went to City Club on Friday night. Yeah it was a busy club week. I had a lot of fun but now I'm tired. City Club was cool I got to hang out with my friend Dave who I hadn't seen in a while. Erin was suppose to go but she had something come up and couldn't (I'm kinda glad cause she needed some sleep). Kat didn't show up she had something pretty big come up. I did see Jenn (bartender from Luna) and Artuz was there which was a nice surprise. Couple of some small interesting things happened there like always. Strange things seem to always come up there. Now it's Sunday INSPECTION DAY for the new house. I'm looking forward to it I just hope there are no surprises. I hope everyone is doing good staying healthy and all the other crap ;)




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