11|15|06 + 64 - 41 Much Work!

So it has been a kind of exciting week but not really. I mean I could bore you with the house buying process. Or talk about how I posted more pictures of Jude. I mean the house thing is good looks like we are going to be buying the house close to downtown Royal Oak. It's cool I did a Mapquest from the house to Barnes and Noble and it's a .46 mi walk or drive or sidestep even jet ride. Our bid on the house was accepted and now really the only variable is the inspection. I'm excited about living in this new house but not to keen on the whole moving thing. Plus it looks like it's all going to happen over the holidays. I have some stuff to fix in the house as soon as we move in. Amanda does not like the flooring in the bedrooms. So I'm probably going to do something temporary till we decide if we are going to put in new carpet or parquet flooring (probably a mix 1 parquet and 2 carpet). I'm just overwhelmed when I think about all the work I have to do between now and Jan. 1st.
I'm on my new health insurance for IBM which is turning out to be a pain. I haven't received my insurance cards yet so getting coverage is a pain. I'm very happy to be off of BDBS of Georgia. That was the worst medical insurance I have ever had. They fumbled at least 2/3 of all the claims I gave them. In theory I have great coverage. But the fact that they screwed up all those claims which I did end up getting paid for just too much time on the phone with those assholes.
I'm going to post a couple of new pictures of Jude up on My Gallery. Talk to everyone when I get a chance.

Keep fighting the good fight.





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