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Wow. I haven't posted here in sometime. I don't mean to bore my casual readers but I really haven't had that much to write about (Or at least stuff that I want everyone to know, believe me you wouldn't want to hear either). Amanda and I have been looking for a different house latley. So we have been talking to the mortage guy and looking around. We started out with the idea of moving to Clarkston but now we have been looking closer to downtown Royal Oak. I think it would be hard for me to leave Royal Oak I have lived here now for 10+ years and still enjoy it. the thing is I have never lived close enough to downtown RO to take advantage of it. So we have been looking at houses that I within walking distance to downtown. I think it would be really to be able to walk to the Farmers Market or to Barnes and Noble, not have to worry about parking and so on. I'm never at home much anyways. I seem to always be on the move with Jude in tow. So after doing a lot of thinking I figured out that location means more to me than the house I live in. I still want a nice house (and I'm finding that right now is a great time to buy you can ge a lot of house for a little bit). Well it's Wednesday (my Monday). Of course tonight I'll be at Luna Watching Kat and Jeremy do there thing (Deor does things too!). So if your not doing anything stop up at Luna I won't be there till late as usual. Take care everyone.




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