10|14|06 + 56 - 34 There can be only one

It's saturday again. I'm watching the Tigers game at work and watching networks for attacks. I had a pretty good week at work lots of cool troubleshooting stuff I hadn't done before. I'm looking forward to next weekend I'm off on Saturday (thanks for trading day with me Brad). Amanda and I are going to go to Chicago for our 5 year anniversary. I think we are going to do some shopping probably buy a bunch of shit for Jude spend too much money and come home. Anyway I'm looking forward to it. Probably stay in a nice hotel on Michigan Ave. go to the Shedd's and eat some good food. Oh well I'm sure it will be fun. Wednesday should be fun too. I'm planning on going to Luna (big surprise). It's my birthday though and I'm expecting some other people to show up. Hopfully Daisy, Dave, people from work and Amanda. It should be a good time (Of course Kat and Jeremy will be DJing).

Ok, I just bought The Mary Tyler Moore Show - First Season and Bob Newhart Show - First Season......I love those shows though. Once I was in Minneapolis and threw a hat in the air and spun around....and then I knew I was going to make it.

Oh yeah, I forgot that I titled this entry "There can be only one" because I started my journey through the Highlander series last night. I watched the first 2 episodes and remembered some....I FUCKING HATE RICHIE. Now I just have to sait a couple seasons until he dies. I forgot the first season is a little weak also but alot of series start that way.

Don’t go fishing with Bob because you’ll catch a fish with teeth THIIIIIIIIS BIG!

Also, yes, We need to make a flag or banner that says “This home hates Richie.” You know how much I hate Richie. ugh.
am - 10|14|06 - 18:43

Ritchie was a whiny little b!tch. Dying in Archangel was the best thing he ever did. Bye-bye Ritchies head.
Jennie - 10|15|06 - 11:26

I believe Mac only took care of Richie because he wanted someone to yell at like Picard had. “There will be no children on the bridge!!!”. I mean can you blame him?
~j (Email) (URL) - 10|15|06 - 23:19




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